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New in iQPARK: Come with your kids and test your skills


iQPARK presents four new features in the Skills and Abilities exhibition

We have prepared lots of fun on the third floor of the science and entertainment center for the littlest ones.
You and your children can find out if

  • you react faster than Usain Bolt, 
  • you jump as high as a horse, 
  • or if you can get an airship moving.

Put yourself in the shoes of a pilot whose instrument panel has gone crazy. Can you turn off all the flashing buttons as quickly as possible? That depends on how good your reactions are.

Put the wheels together and move the plane
Have your children already assembled and disassembled every possible construction kit at home and you think nothing new will surprise them? Let them assemble a pulley out of gears! If they correctly connect the gears on the magnetic wall and turn the crank, then an airship, balloon or airplane will fly over their heads.

Ready, steady, jump
If your kids are climbing the walls at home, at iQPARK they’ll be jumping for joy. They simply jump up and hit the highest button they can. The display will immediately inform them whether they can compare to the flea, or if they could compete with feline predators. The exhibit which tells you how big your arm span is works in a similar way.

We wish you happy scientific fun. 

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