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Current measures


Come and have some smart fun that will bring a smile to the faces of adults and children alike. All hygiene measures will be in accordance with current government regulations.

What might interest you:

Opening hours:

You can find the current opening hours HERE.

  • Advance booking is not required. 


Mask or respirator?

iQLANDIA and iQPARK are governed by the current government regulations, which can be found here

The measures in force since 22.11.2021 do not fundamentally change the rules in force for entering iQLANDIA or iQPARK exhibitions. You can continue to visit the exhibitions without checks for vaccinations, illnesses and tests for Covid-19.

Other rules apply in the case of visits to iQPLANETARIUM, iQFABLAB, the science show, laboratories and restaurants, where entry is allowed only:

  • adult visitors who can prove that they have undergone vaccination (at least 14 days after the second dose) or have laboratory confirmation of having Covid-19 disease no more than 180 days ago
  • visitors who can show a negative PCR test (valid for 72 hours):
    • young people from twelve to eighteen years of age
    • persons who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons
    • persons who have only received the first dose of vaccination, or who are not yet fourteen days after the second dose

For children under twelve years without proof.


Can I buy refreshments?

The restaurant in the iQLANDIA building is operating according to current government regulations. Entry is subject to a valid negative test, proof of vaccination or proof of recent illness.

There is also a refreshment stand where we will serve you through a window, here you can only pay in cash. As well as at the window, you can buy drinks from the vending machines in iQLANDIA.


What are the main hygiene measures that will apply?

We respect the restrictions set by the government. Disinfectant racks are prepared, and the premises are disinfected with aerosol disinfectant. Our employees are tested regularly. We have already set up our exhibits at sufficient distances. Some exhibits that we have deemed risky, such as the body pin screen or the spirometer, have been temporarily removed. We have thus created an environment in which hygiene precautions can be observed.

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