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  1. Introduction
  2. Kriminalka-en

Today the Police entrusted CSI iQLANDIA with a serious case, that of the murder of the renowned scientist Dr Rush. She was found by her eighty-year-old neighbor, Mrs Carrot, early yesterday morning, as she went to return Dr Rush’s special rose shears. Most of the scientist’s body had been set in concrete in her own garden right next to a renovated fountain. The murderer had clearly been in a hurry. The coroner determined the time of death as 7 o ‘clock the previous day, that is just after the Sprouting of Science event had finished, which involved planting flowers in the garden by her house.

Who was Dr Rush?

35-year-old Dr Rush was extremely hard-working – she traveled a lot, working not only in the Czech Republic, but also at the Cranfield Institute in Great Britain, where she conducted research on water as well as working independently on a secret project. In her free time she tried to get in plenty of relaxation and sport.

Your task is to eliminate the five of the six suspects who did not commit the murder! And to do so using forensic disciplines at the prepared stations.

How to do it?
  • Take a Criminologist Card, which has a list of the suspects’ names. 

  • Find all five stations and fulfill the tasks according to the instructions.

  • Write the number of the station by the name of the freshly eliminated suspect.

  • As you go through all the stations, you will get a number code.

  • Show or tell the number code to one of the iQLANDIA staff and they will tell you where to find the solution.

  • If you want to compete for the free ticket award , fill in your name and email address at and put your correctly completed Criminologist Card in the competition box.

Forensic sciences
  • Forensic sciences are scientific methods of collecting and examining information about the past. Information thus acquired is used in judicial proceedings.

  • Forensic is a Latin word, meaning “belonging to the forum,” the forum in question being the Forum Romanum, a large square in Rome where trials took place in ancient times.

  • Here, for example, a doctor named Antistius presented his findings from examining the corpse of Julius Caesar, which later led to the apprehension of the culprits.


Caroline Sweet

Caroline Sweet– an attractive, slender blonde with heavy eye make-up and in a pink apron – ran a small café and pastry shop next door to Murray’s tennis school. She made wonderful cakes and desserts and mixed the best soft ice cream for the children. Caroline was Doctor Rush’s stepdaughter. Although outwardly she was very nice to everyone, she was bitter on the inside. She especially hated her (now former) stepmother – Dr Rush. She blamed her for wrecking her family when she was ten years old by stealing away her father Peter Stoker, who she left shortly before her death anyway.

Stephen Little

Stephen Little worked at the same scientific institute as Dr Rush. The combination of his name, height and table manners so wild a St Bernard could have filled itself up on what he spilled beneath him led his colleagues to nickname him Breadcrumb. Little was secretly in love with Dr Rush all along. He brought her flowers from Ms Thorn the gardener every day and became the doctor’s scientific assistant in order to be as close to his beloved as possible. Because he himself was not overly hard-working, the position of assistant suited him down to the ground. As soon as he found out that Dr Rush did not reciprocate his feelings, and was furthermore working on a new project which she had hidden from him, he was furious. In his rage he gave his notice and left the scientific institute without any further explanation immediately.

Miranda Thorn

Dr Rush had loved flowers and flowering shrubs, in particular rhododendrons, since her childhood. She therefore had an enormous garden with an English lawn designed and created next to her house. Although she loved gardening and found it fulfilling, she did not have time for daily maintenance because of her work, and so she entrusted  all care of her flora to the hands of an expert – Miranda Thorn.  The flame-haired gardener with the appearance of a ‘60s flower child gladly accepted the opportunity to work for the renowned scientist. She visited Dr Rush three times a week, and sometimes as many as five times a week during heatwaves. Both ladies were united by a passion for gardening, and so they became inseparable friends. Ms Thorn first heard the tragic news of Dr Rush’s death while she was in the Netherlands, choosing a special variety of tulip for the scientist’s garden.

Peter Stoker

During her work at the scientific institute, Dr Rush became acquainted with Peter Stoker, successful entrepreneur, power plant director and patron of the institute. They shared a love of science and traveling, while Rush’s intelligen-ce and passion made a big impression on Stoker. They went out together for two years before they got married. They only one who did not wish them well was Stoker’s then ten-year-old daughter, Caroline Sweet. She blamed her stepmother for stealing her father until her death. Stoker and Rush made a lot of money. Although outwardly their marriage seemed solid, the opposite was true. Due to their work commitments, they no longer had time for each other, quarreled frequently and for the last year Rush suspected her husband was being unfaithful to her with his assistant. She therefore filed for a divorce, which was very tempestuous, because it kicked off a vicious battle over property.

Clara Dotty

Dr Clara Dotty rented premises in Dr Rush’s house for seven years. Here she ran the renowned “Super Smile” dental practice, intended primarily for VIP clients.  Even though the doctor always tried to look her best, Mother Nature unfortunately had not endowed her with much physical beauty. Her ghastly smile, protruding brown warts on her nose and fat hairy legs stuffed into red pumps were guaranteed to put off any potential suitor. She therefore dedicated her life to breeding cats. She loved her tomcat Tubbs so much she started taking him to her office, which Dr Rush was understandably not at all keen on, given that she was allergic to cat hair. A week before her death, Dr Rush called the dentist into her office and threatened that unless she stopped taking her cat into work she would be forced to terminate the lease.Obviously this was a shock for Clara, who did not want to lose such a lucrative location.

Joe “The Elbow” Murray

Englishman Joe Murray, a former top tennis player and multiple Wimbledon winner, came to the Czech Republic in the 1990s. The high financial rewards from his tennis Grand Slams allowed him to live the high life. He had a particular weakness for fast cars, and had several in his garage, from Porsche to Ferrari. However, his bohemian lifestyle and some bad real estate investments cost Murray practically all his property. Joe was forced to sell everything He invested his last money in a tennis school in Liberec, but it did not bring in as much money as he had expected. To make ends meet he spent so long training people on the court that he developed a growth on his elbow, which is why they called him Joe “The Elbow” Murray. Although he was a handsome man for his age and in excellent physical condition, those around him often teased him for his strong English accent and wearing his socks pulled up high, always matching his sweatband and headband. Joe “The Elbow” Murray was Dr Rush’s personal trainer for the last five years.


| Solution

If the last name left on your card is that of the gardener Miranda Thorn then congratulations! You are a true detective and have helped us solve the case! She is the prime suspect!


At the age of 35 Dr Rush was tired of waiting for innovative scientific progress, and so decided to pour all her energy into a classified project for large-scale water purification equipment. However, by happy coincidence she invented a perpetual motion machine. She realized what this could mean for the world. She was so afraid it would be misused that she destroyed it and kept the plans for its construction on her person at all times. She confided all this to just one friend - Thorn the gardener. However, instead of being pleased for her, she began to discourage her from the whole project.

On the one hand she saw in the discovery the chance for greater protection of nature, on the other she was afraid of nature’s destruction with the building of new power grids, expansion of industry, decline of humanity and war caused by the envy of neighboring countries. Despite her gentle nature and their friendship, she therefore decided to commit the horrific act and she murdered Dr Rush.

And why did Stoker set off the alarm?

Stoker set off the alarm because he saw the murder of Dr Rush with his own eyes. However, he was afraid to admit this to the investigators, in case suspicion fell on him because of the property disputes between himself and Rush.

And why did Little run away from the crime scene?

Stephen Little wanted to be constantly in Dr Rush’s vicinity, so he crept into her event to become reconciled with her. When security saw him, they gave chase and he ran away.