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Small refreshments and warm meals


There is a vending machine for drinks and food. A picnic area with a microwave is available on the ground floor by the lockers.

You can also take a break and visit the adjacent restaurants in CENTRUM BABYLON.


The restaurant in iQLANDIA prepares a daily menu which can be seen in the restaurant.
If you have any dietary restrictions, you can use the microwave to heat up your own food, or ask about the menu in advance on the day of your visit. If we can, we will be happy to cater for you.

The opening hours of the restaurant are the same as those of the science center.

Restaurant daily menu:*

  • Soup
  • Choice of at least 4 ready-made meals
  • Short order dishes
  • Vegetable salads
  • Desserts
  • Hot and cold beverages

 * Available daily from 11.00 while stocks last

Fixed restaurant menu:

  • Fried chicken nuggets, fries, dip
  • Fried cheese, fries, dip
  • Fried fillet of fish, fries, citron, dip
  • Fries with ketchup/tartar sauce 35 CZK

Café menu outside the Water World ** exhibition:

  • Coffee 
  • Tea 
  • Cold drinks
  • Desserts
  • Ice cream

** Open only in good weather, outside of winter months.