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Current measures - COVID 19

Opening hours:

You can find the current opening hours HERE.

  • Advance booking is not required. 


Mask or respirator?

iQLANDIA and iQPARK are governed by the current government regulations, which can be found here

The measures in force since 22.11.2021 do not fundamentally change the rules in force for entering iQLANDIA or iQPARK exhibitions. You can continue to visit the exhibitions without checks for vaccinations, illnesses and tests for Covid-19.

Other rules apply in the case of visits to iQPLANETARIUM, iQFABLAB, the science show, laboratories and restaurants, where entry is allowed only:

  • adult visitors who can prove that they have undergone vaccination (at least 14 days after the second dose) or have laboratory confirmation of having Covid-19 disease no more than 180 days ago
  • visitors who can show a negative PCR test (valid for 72 hours):
    • young people from twelve to eighteen years of age
    • persons who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons
    • persons who have only received the first dose of vaccination, or who are not yet fourteen days after the second dose

For children under twelve years without proof.

iQPARK vs. iQLANDIA – what’s the difference?

iQPARK focuses on younger researchers from about 3 years of age. The exhibits are mostly made of wood, the exhibitions are less complicated and parents can easily see where their curious child is.
The accompanying programs are designed for younger children.

iQLANDIA is suitable for children from 8 years and all adults. The exhibits are more technical, the descriptions are more specialized, and accompanying programs (workshops, the science show) explain phenomena that children have heard about at school.

The science centers are just 100 meters apart - iQLANDIA in a separate building, iQPARK in Centrum Babylon.

What parking facilities are available?

The parking lot is located directly in front of the iQLANDIA building. More about parking.

Is there a restaurant/any fast food?

A vending machine for food and drink is available in iQPARK. It is also possible to interrupt your visit and go to the adjacent restaurants in CENTRUM BABYLON.

iQLANDIA has its own restaurant with a daily menu offering ready-made meals and short order dishes.

Can I leave and come back?

You can leave iQPARK for refreshments in the Centrum Babylon restaurants and then come back in. 

iQLANDIA cannot be re-entered, refreshments are available within the center and there is a smoking area on the restaurant terrace (except for during winter months). 

How time consuming is a visit?

We recommend reserving 2-3 hours for a visit to iQPARK.

A visit to iQLANDIA will take more than 4 hours. If you see the accompanying programs, visit iQPLANETARIUM and eat in the restaurant, count on your visit lasting all day.

Do you take payment cards?

Yes, we accept MasterCard and Visa. Payment cards can be used to buy tickets, souvenirs in iQSHOP and refreshments in the restaurant.

Can I pay cash in Euros?

Unfortunately not. We only accept cash payments made in Czech Crowns.

Do I need to book in advance?

You do not need to make a reservation ahead of your visit. However, you can buy tickets in advance and avoid waiting at the cash desk. Tickets are valid for one year from their purchase on-line and you can enter the center without waiting.

Is it possible to extend the ticket?

No. Tickets have an expiration date (maximum 1 year after purchase), after which the ticket is no longer valid.

Do you sell passes, can I lend them to people?

You can buy your pass in the e-shop and collect in person at the cash desk or you can buy it directly at the cash desk. It is always valid for 1 year.

The pass is not transferable. It is bound to a specific name that will be validated upon entry. (Except for company passes, which belong to another category).

Can I ask someone at the exhibitions for more information about the exhibits?

There is a lecturer in each exhibition. Do not be afraid to reach out to them if you are interested in the exhibitions, or you are not sure how the exhibit works. They advise, demonstrate, explain, teach …

Is there wheelchair access to the center?

Yes. You can get almost everywhere by wheelchair, using elevators in both iQLANDIA and iQPARK .

There is not yet barrier-free access to the sun terrace at iQLANDIA and GEOlab exposition in the basement.

In the iQPLANETARIUM there are 2 wheelchair accessible places at the front.

Is it possible to enter with a baby carriage?

Yes, the rooms are designed for baby carriages. On the 1st floor of iQLANDIA and iQPARK there is a room with changing table by the toilets.

Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately this is impossible for safety reasons. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I take photos during my visit?

Certainly! We will also be happy if you share or tag us on social networks. @iQLANDIA Liberec,  #iqlandia,  #iqpark

I would like to leave a message to review the visit, is it possible?

Yes, we will be glad for your feedback, photos from the visit and even tips for other visitors.
You can write and share on Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor or email: A visitor's book is also available in the centers.


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