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IQLANDIA, o. p. s.

Address Information and reservation for visitors and schools

IQLANDIA, o.p.s.
Nitranská 410/10
Liberec 3, 460 07

tel.: +420 724 586 230
(work days from 9.00 to 15.00)


Company management

Name Position Email
Mgr. Pavel Coufal CEO
Barbora Hlaváčová Assistant to CEO

Sales and marketing department

Name Position Email
Veronika Slavíková Sales and marketing department

HR department

Name Position Email
Ing. Monika Vamberová HR manager

Program department

Name Position Phone Email
Mgr. Petr Desenský Science and education manager +420 734 142 271
Klára Nejedlová Consultant for schools +420 730 809 075

Economic department

Name Position Email
Pavlína Nová Economist

Gastro department

Name Email
Gastro Centrum Babylon

Technical department

Name Position Email
Lubomír Jiruše Deputy director, technical department manager

Project department

Name Position Email
Ing. Ondřej Votruba Projet manager
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