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od založení po současnost

2020 Present and future

With the opening the exhibition Now I Know Why, the conversion of iQPARK into a children’s museum is complete.
The iQ family of the iQLANDIA science center, the iQPARK children’s exhibition, the iQPLANETARIUM and the iQFABLAB is thus created.


The company opens the iQFABLAB coworking workshop.
This offers modern and classical technology to the public, school groups and students of the Technical University of Liberec.

2017 - 2018

iQPARK opens the World Around Us exhibition for children under 8 years old.
It begins the transformation of the oldest Czech science center into a children’s museum.
The next year iQPARK opens new exhibitions - What You Can Do and Water World, both funded by a donation from the NADACE ŠKOLA HROU Foundation.


iQLANDIA expands its exhibition to include the Cosmo and Obsolete Inventions exhibitions.
The Planetarium upgrades its projection system to 4K resolution.
More laboratories for schools are opened - the TULab in iQLANDIA and another laboratory in iQPARK.


In May 2014, the iQLANDIA Science Center opened in Liberec.
In ten exhibitions on six floors it offers several hundred interactive exhibits, planetarium programs, lecturing programs for schools, science shows and much more besides. 


In 2011, the second stage of construction was completed, expanding the area of iQPARK to 3,000m² spread out over four floors and laboratories for workshops and lecturing programs for schools and facilities for the production and maintenance of exhibits were built. A fast-food restaurant was opened.
The second stage was financed from the Northeast Regional Operational Program and the NADACE ŠKOLA HROU Foundation.


The permanent exhibitions are followed by thematic traveling exhibitions, still very popular among visitors in many Czech towns, lecturing programs for schools, creative workshops for the public, popular science programs, regular science shows.

2007 iQPARK

In May 2007, iQPARK opened its gates in Liberec. 200 interactive exhibits were placed in several exhibitions in an exhibition area of over a thousand square meters.
The reconstruction of the building, worth almost forty million crowns, was co-financed from European Union structural funds (JROP), the state budget and, above all, the Liberec NADACE ŠKOLA HROU Foundation.
A further approximately 9 million needed to be obtained from other sources, mainly for the construction of individual exhibitions, acquisition of exhibits and to cover other necessary costs related to the basic equipment and operation of the center.

2004 - 2005  First permanent exhibition

The Museum of Playful Learning, the first hands-on museum in the Czech Republic, was inaugurated in September 2004. It was located over an area of less than 400 m² in several rented shops in the Babylon entertainment center in Liberec. There were several dozen smaller interactive exhibits, many of which met the requirements of the science center and similar centers abroad in terms of focus and conception. It became a sort of field test where the functionality, attractiveness and durability of original exhibits were verified in practice.

In 2005, not even two years after its inception, the museum registered 27,000 visitors.
In 2005, plans were already underway to expand the Museum of Playful Learning to the Interactive Center of Playful Learning (ICPL), now known as iQPARK.

2002   Foundation

LABYRINT BOHEMIA (since 2014 IQLANDIA) was founded with the aim of bringing the concept of non-formal education - hands on museum to the Czech Republic.